Introducing Our New Email Newsletter, ‘Fox Tales’

Feb 23, 2022

A new newsletter dedicated to helping you become faster and more agile, and maybe even a little bit more foxy!

Dear colleague,

The media landscape is more complex and fast-moving than ever. To succeed in publishing, and especially in ad sales, you need to:

• Be clever.
• Be adaptable.
• Be fast.
• Focus on listening.
• Have a sense of your own True North.

You probably already see where I’m going with this: Foxes have all these characteristics, and then some. And they’re playful. Which is why we named this new newsletter Fox Tales—it’ a play on our corporate name, but it’s also a reference to our values as a company.

And we’re pleased to share all this with you on a monthly basis with our brand new newsletter, Fox Tales. We’ll be telling stories from the front lines of media, where sellers listen and learn, and then solve problems for their clients. We’ll look at the macro trends, where new forms of digital solutions propelled advertising to its best year ever in 2021.

Marlys Fox.

We’ll look at case studies, one-on-one success stories where sellers drove new revenue and built long-term relationships. We’ll look at essential trends in integrated selling, and in marketing services. We’ll be externally focused, with the emphasis on the information you need, not on us.

When all these things and lots more are tallied up, it’s impossible to draw any conclusion except that this is the most exciting time in history to be in media and in the ad business.

Yes, we live in a world that requires constant adaptation, but what hasn’t changed is the need for marketers to communicate with their prospects. At Fox Associates, we’ve thrived as an advertising-sales partner to media companies for more than 50 years because of our belief in adaptation. We’ve never stopped evolving and innovating. We pride ourselves on taking the long view when it comes to our perspective on the industry—but decidedly the short-term view when it comes to closing business. When it comes to closing business, this month’s issue, this week’s web ad, and today’s enewsletter are the priorities.

As your outsourced ad-sales partner, we are tenacious. Driven. Competitive. We want to win the business and exceed expectations. For you. And your customers.

But we’re also fast. We listen. We’re smart. And we can be playful as well. We’ll always help hunt down your best opportunities and drive your growth. Without getting lost in the woods.

We’re proud of this new monthly initiative designed to keep you in the know about our industry. Be Clever Like a Fox. Follow Fox Tales to ad-sales growth. Read on.

—Marlys Fox
President/CEO and Founder