Pro Sales Tip From The Indefatigable Marlys Fox

Apr 21, 2022

By Marlys Fox, CEO
GUYS: MIND YOUR JUNK   ….   (file, that is)

Yes, of course, some emails should NOT go into your junk file.

Marlys Fox Fox Associates

Marlys Fox.

But it happens.

When it does, whether you call it ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ …

One thing we must NOT do, wouldn’t you agree, is to tell our clients, our customers, even our friends, that their important message to you went there.

Sure, it’s a robotic being that is making these technological decisions, but somehow the image remains in their minds, that perhaps it was you who gave that “robotic being” that idea!

You can say you “found your email” … or “found your email in another file” …. Or just say nothing and apologize for being a little late with your response!