What We Do

A customized media plan can mean the difference between meeting or exceeding your sales goals and falling short of your projections. But tracking down the right mix can be elusive, and an inefficient buy can mean a waste of money, diminished reach and a missed opportunity in a complex, fluid media marketplace.

For more than 50 years, Fox Associates has assisted hundreds of clients in developing strategically targeted plans across a broad spectrum of print and digital media. We’ve seen the industry change, and we’ve adapted to it and thrived.

  • Consumer Initiatives
  • Business to Business Solutions
  • Online & Alternative Media

With three separate and distinct business units, we have experienced people and proven strategies in place to help you increase your sales coverage and penetration across a variety of markets and segments.

Can Fox Associates help you ferret out the best mix?

Categorically, yes!

Our experience ranges from consumer, trade, b2b online and all non-traditional media assets – nationally and worldwide.

Been there…sold that!

You have to know it before you can grow it, and at Fox Associates, our market knowledge is second to none. From OTC pharmaceuticals to financial, consumer electronics to travel, the C-suite to the home, Fox Associates knows how to penetrate your market and reach your consumer.

In-House Support

In response to many clients’ needs for responsive, experienced marketing and media insights, Fox Associates offers the expertise of our in-house boutique ventures.

Creative Solutions Group creates and produces promotional materials and media kits for publishers, publishers’ rep firms and many others.

Viable Ventures consults with publishers to help them maximize advertising revenue. We have the capacity to assist you with everything from category analysis and ad sales projections to advising existing publications on ways to improve editorial content, format and presentation.