5 Questions: Debbie Snyder, Group Vice President, Sales and Marketing, StratusLive

Sep 16, 2022

One of Fox Associates’ core tenets is that in media sales, many sellers don’t pay enough attention to what buyers need. Too often, sellers remain focused on what they have to sell, not on analyzing the buyer’ needs.

With that in mind, Fox Tales has launched a periodic Q&A series, “5 Questions,” where we ask marketers directly what’s on their minds. In this installment, we ask Debbie Snyder, group vice president, sales and marketing, for the donor-management CRM platform StratusLive, for her take. Here’s a transcript of our conversation.

Fox Tales: Describe the scope of the definition of “social good,” in your context. What kinds of non-profits do you serve, and which ones might you take a pass on? (I.e. political campaigns, etc.)


Debbie Snyder: We sell to all nonprofit’s across all areas of causes. There are not any ‘legitimate’ nonprofits that we would not entertain, although we do not offer advocacy tools so we are not a good fit for many purely political organizations. In addition, at this point (although I see this changing in 2023) we are not currently equipped to service non-North American-based nonprofits, as we do not yet offer robust language and currency options.

Fox Tales: What kinds of donor-management platform needs are specific to your socially-conscious clients?

Snyder: We offer a commercial grade, purpose built CRM and digital engagement platform for nonprofits. We feel this is a significant market differentiator in that we did not simply take a commercial CRM and make some minor changes to suit the unique needs of a nonprofit. Rather, we  built our products specifically for the unique needs of nonprofit clients and only offer our product to nonprofit clients.

Fox Tales: What’s the scope of your potential market in terms of numbers—size, money raised, etc.?

Snyder: I am not sure how to answer this. Our  current focus is enterprise nonprofits who are looking for a fully integrated nonprofit-industry cloud solution. Our typical nonprofit client has a minimum of $10 million in annual fundraising revenue and we can scale up from there. There is no limit as to how large of a nonprofit we can support.

Fox Tales: Similarly, with the growth in importance of social justice, DEI, ESG and the like, how has that all affected your business?

Snyder: We are experiencing a season of rapid growth. Many nonprofits are realizing the importance of a secure, commercial grade, cloud-based solution to increase their productivity and effectiveness and help them reach their goals and execute on their missions. We help our clients experience ease of use, foster collaboration and ensure platform accessibility with our StratusLIVE Nonprofit Industry Cloud solutions.

Fox Tales: Tell us how Fox Associates helps your company meet its marketing objectives.

Snyder: I don’t know yet—I am looking for you to show me how you can help!