Fox Associates, Seen On The Scene, December Edition

Dec 18, 2023

Our monthly “On the Scene” feature has become a favorite way to connect with the larger Fox community. It shows us (and the community) in our markets, making friends, making things happen. Photos sometimes transcend printed words in valuable ways. In that spirit, here’s our year-end collection of photos from Fox World.

The Slater (Iowa) Area Historical Association last month commemorated the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. The event coincided with Veteran’s Day. In this image, Fox Associates President and CEO Marlys Fox and Marilee Dawson, a member of Fox Associates, Inc. Board of Directors and Financial Oversight, visit the Slater museum for the event on behalf of a Fox Associates client, the Vietnam Veterans of America.

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Meanwhile in December, Fox fanned out to other events.













Sean Soth, (left), Founder & Leadership Advisory Board Chair for Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR), and Bill Bell, Sr. VP Advertising for Fox Associates, connect at the PAR annual RevUP event in Annapolis, Maryland, earlier this month.