Fox Tales Photo Gallery, Holiday Break Edition

Jan 25, 2024

We’ve made a monthly feature in Fox Tales of posting photos of our Fox Associates team members and their business friends and family. And with the holiday season just having passed, we want to offer some seasonal pics before the conference and tradeshow season picks back up. Enjoy!








Bill Bell, SVP Fox Associates, shares a “Holiday Coke and a Smile” at the Detroit International Airport.


Here’s a photo of Vice President and Senior Account Director Tina Riley’s Christmas decorations.


And here is a more recent photo of Tina’s yard. Hey, she lives in the Chicago area. This is probably just the first of a bunch of snow storms this winter.




Here we see our indefatigable founder and CEO, Marlys Fox, out riding her Harley when she should be decorating her tree. Why are we not surprised?