Celebrating A Major Milestone For Fox Associates’ Steve Schwanz

Jun 26, 2024

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know one of our favorite features is an extended introduction to one of our team members from time to time. In “Getting To Know A Fox,” we learn a bit more about them, and we share their interests and business philosophies right here in the newsletter.

And if you’ve been reading Fox Tales regularly, you’ll know that this company has an extraordinary track record for employee longevity. Of course, that’s a tremendous asset in a business where relationships—especially longer-term ones—are a premium. You would also have seen our February 2023 profile of Executive Vice President and COO Steve Schwanz. 

Steve is our longest-tenured employee other than Founder and CEO Marlys Fox herself. And just last week, June 21st, Steve celebrated his 46th year with Fox Associates. Put in another context, that’s the first day of summer in 1978!

So as a salute to Steve, and to this company that fosters such loyalty, here’s a brief commentary from Steve himself, and a few then-and-now pics.

“This month 46 years…can it really be?

It’s a cliché but seems like only yesterday I walked into the offices of Fox Associates as a new account executive, recently graduated from The University of Wisconsin. I did a little quick research and found that on that same day, the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, ‘Evita’, opened in London. And the number-one song on that date was, “You’re The One That I Want” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. (I’ll stop there as this is making me feel old)!

I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have worked here at Fox for these many years (and planning to continue for many more!). We’ve grown, adapted and thrived while many have fallen by the wayside. The business has changed dramatically—especially these past few years after the pandemic. But we’re still growing revenue for our publisher clients on many fronts, and for many platforms, and adapting to meet new challenges and new opportunities every single day.

I could not have done it without the unwavering support, guidance and close friendship of our founder, Marlys Fox, who remains an inspiration to us all.”

Marlys, Steve, and his fiancée, now wife, Colleen, in 1989.

Steve in 1992.






















Fox team members Gabi Ortiz, Dana Gray, Steve, and Marlys this month.