Marlys Has A Message For The Market: Go For It Now!

Jun 26, 2024

No Guts, No Glory!
If ever there were a time this old saying would resonate, it would be now.       
Marketers: If you/we don’t reach your prospective buyers the rest of this quite chaotic year, then it’s quite likely that you will be forgotten when buying time comes. Sorry for the reality check, but I think you know what I mean.

Marlys Fox.

If we don’t collectively get up and demonstrate—let’s say ‘guts’ for the purpose of our title here—and get back in the game, the capitalism game, the United States economy game, the “let-your-prospective-clients-and-customers-know-you-exist” game, (it’s called ‘branding’); and if you aren’t offering them new products or services, and asking them to “wave backatcha” (it’s called lead-gen), you’re missing a big opportunity. 

And then, guess what? Months from now, any fear you have of the future will be a self-fulfilling prophecy!
Harsh? Yes, I know. As a “forever entrepreneur,” I feel deep concern about everything happening in this country, and worldwide, and I fear for a lot of things. But tell ya what, I’ve lived this long (won’t say how long!) and I’m still going for it.
I’d like to urge you to do the same. Come on! Let’s do some business! We have many media assets that target your best customers. Call me! 917-701-2224.
The Glory Days are still ahead of us!